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APPACTIV Business solution

Intuitive and configurable business solution platform for your entire organization

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Take back Control

Manage business process and workflows your way, not the way a software tells you to.


  • Wizard driven workflow engine
  • Automate notifcations and actions
  • Turn visitors into leads.

Empower everyday business users

Greater user adoption and satisfaction leads to faster ROI.


  • Balanced Score Cards
  • AI for voice to text searching

Increase productivity & efficiency

Focus on what the company needs most from you.


  • Know your data at all times.
  • Drilldown dashboards.

Accelerate software delivery

Be agile and keep up with business changes with faster roll-outs.


  • Drag and drop form designer.
  • Free form layouts.


APPACTIV is a code free application building platform that empowers busy IT executives and business users like you to create, deploy and use business apps the way you need them. Don’t get tied in to rigid process flows, data structures and long delivery cycles. It’s time for a solution that meets both Business AND IT’s needs. 


Get using straight away with ready-to-use modules or configure it to your unique requirements with Free Build using easy-to-use Drag and Drop functionality.

Contract Management

From initiation to order fulfillment, track Supplier Performance. Don't get caught short, never miss a renewal. Procure to Pay all in a single contract management software solution.

Project Portfolio Management

Manage resources effectively, Manage risk, know where the bottle necks are. Time sheeting and Dynamic Reporting


Stuck in a rigid system ?

Don’t get tied in to rigid process flows, data structures and long delivery cycles of chunky, overly-complex software. Stop paying insane consultation fees every time you need a minor change or high licensing cost for all that extra functionality you’ll never use.

Full Customer Relationship Management

Sales Force Automation. Ensure customer satisfaction. Single Client Views

Free build (blank core)

For those of you that want to build your own systems and process. Ideal for small business with a specific "Non-Standard" need.


Want to do more now ?

APPACTIV is a code free app-building platform that empowers businesses like yours to create, deploy and use business apps the way you need them.

Simple to use Drag and Drop features help business users manage their own functionality with minimal reliance on IT, saving time and cost. You’re also ensured a long-term solution that can scale up or down according to the dynamic nature of your business environment.

Drag and Drop form Designer

Simple wizard form designer empowers you to make the changes and create new forms at whim. We will cover this in the on boarding process so you can pick it up extremely quickly.

Benefit to your Business

  • Instant delivery of change.
  • No reliance on IT staff.
  • Requirements across the business can be met in one platform.


You can expand this video out, be sure to set the quality to HD for clarity.






Advanced AI

Use our advanced AI BOT in Skype with Voice to text recognition. Simly ask 'SENSI' what you would like to know and watch it return the results to you instantly.

Benefits to Business

  • No more manual searching.
  • No complex or advanced queries to be made.
  • Get the information you want now.

Balanced Score Cards with 'What if' Scenario Editor

The score card module is available throughout the system and enables you to apply detail scoring to your data.

Run a 'What if' Scenario to further understand your data and the thresholds you have applied.

Benefits to Business

  • Aggregated data presented in an understandable way.
  • Easy follow on actions as the scoring changes.
  • Know your Customers, Clients and general business performance. 



Whatever system or process your business needs - APPACTIV will do it.

The APPACTIV advanced core technology is leading edge. One of the worlds first applications running on the AZURE Cosmos DB technology. Put simply the system will work and operate at faster speeds than a human can think.

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